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Get a natural looking ‘healthy’ glow all year round without the damaging effects of the sun or solarium. All mien spray tans are expertly applied. - $52

Prior to the Spray Tan, we recommend getting the Body Polish treatment. It ensures your skin is deeply cleansed, moisturised and ready for the tan! 60 mins - $105

For skin Fitzpatrick 1-3, we use a Chocolate base tan. Vani-T Velocity Rapid Tan, natural based tanning solution, Australian made and vegan friendly!

For skin Fitzpatrick 3-6, we use a violet base tan. Mediterranean Tan violet base reflects your own individual skin tone and is guaranteed to never throw unwanted orange shades! It is also vegan friendly and paraben free! These high performance tans contains anti-aging oxidants vitamin A, C & E, keeping the skin firm and hydrated.

We do recommend daily moisturisation at home to prolong the tan results and avoid patchy dryness when it fades, especially during the colder months

What to expect when I come to mien for my tan???

- when you book your tan, you will be reminded to exfoliate + shave the night before, and to arrive to your appointment deodorant, moisturiser and make up free in loose dark clothes

- your therapist will give you a thorough consultation to find out what look and darkness you are going for with your spray tan and which shade is best for you.

- you will be provided with disposable undies, head band and your therapist will check for any dry patches and will apply our Aveda light-weight hydrating formula where necessary on your body before spraying you

- once in the tanning booth, your therapist will ask you to move in a range of positions to make sure all areas of your body are sprayed evenly, and dry you off afterwards, checking the body is evenly tanned

You will leave the salon glowing!

What do after my spray tan ?

- wear loose dark clothing

- avoid excessive exercise for 4 hours after your tan

- shower with water only after your development time (no shower gel as may strip the colour)

- moisturise after every time you shower

- expect to look like your skin is a dirty greeny/violet colour until the initial bronzer washes off with your first rinse