Simon, or Sy as he’s known to his friends, is one of the founders of mien. In his pre-mien life Sy worked closely at one of Australia’s industry leading salon’s as their in-house cutting educator. Sy has a very rich and diverse background as a presenter and facilitator in workshops and seminars. Sy has worked in top salons around the world and has inspired many successful hairdressing careers. When he and wife Claudia were presented the opportunity to start their own thing on this side of Melbourne he grabbed it with both hands. He say’s he’s always wanted to move away from the trend dominated fashion which is more obvious on the South Side of inner Melbourne. In Fitzroy North he feels he’s in a demographic where people are about expressing individuality. So with a nod to seasonal trends Sy is one of the instigators of the mien way. Sy is mien’s haircutting educator and one of mien’s most popular stylists.



Gemma began her career in sunny Wales on the ideal tropical coast of England! In reality though it was a tough slog and she couldn’t wait to get out of there! Aside from loving Australia Gemma is very passionate about hair. In fact in 2012 she entered the National New Talent award and you guessed it She Won! Gemma also came runner up in another Melbourne based cutting competition which had her up on stage strutting her stuff. Gemma has a very full book these days but she is worth the wait. She loves pampering her spoilt clients and of course winning hairdressing competitions. Go Gem!



Danny has an interesting life story and undoubtedly a very happening future! Born in Malaysia, he was a TV actor from the age of three. He worked on and off in the entertainment industry then won a scholarship to study in Hong Kong to develop his acting skills and career. But underneath the actor, was a true creative and thus he decided to vocationally pursue work in the fashion industry. Initially focusing on editorial styling through a few chance encounters that ultimately lead to his career in hair.

He started exploring salon life in his late 20s when living in New Zealand, initially just washing hair on a Saturday with friends. His boss encouraged him to bite the bullet and get into the hairdressing industry, telling him he "…had a natural talent". So Danny enrolled in a full time hairdressing course, which true to form Danny (the dynamo!) completed in 5 months. His desire to get things done, to the best of his ability resulted in him being awarded top student that year and in securing a position in a top salon while still studying.



Maria is one of the busiest hairdressers mien has ever known! Weather it’s that infectious laugh or cheeky spanish accent responsible Maria’s quite simply helped build the reputation of mien by producing day after day beautiful hair and providing exceptional personalised service.
Currently on Maternity leave looking after her beautiful baby!



Emma has over 10 years experience as mien’s colour specialist and she’s a true purist when it comes to getting colour right! Emma recently entered the Aveda Colour Harmony award which showcased a beautiful blonde look. Emma loves to discuss blonde and it’s many variations. For the discerning colour client we highly recommend her.



Initially opting for another Aveda salon Rhiannon made the move to mien to complete her apprenticeship some years ago. Becoming a fully qualified hairdresser has been quite a journey for Rhi and she says she is super excited to be officially starting her career. Rhiannon really likes working at Mien because it is a big salon and there are lots of talented people to bounce ideas off and explain techniques to her. She really enjoys the culture at mien, the creative clients and the different people she works with. Working at Mini Me once a week is awesome too she says seeing it as a great place to springboard her career as a hairdresser.



Wani was brought up by her very passionate, talented and well know hairdresser mum. She never thought she would ever persue a career in hairdressing until she started a University degree in Molecular Biology. She loved it but felt there was something missing. That’s when she decided to get involved and began her training around University. She soon realised that life on the salon floor helping people look and feel fabulous was much more rewarding than life in a laboratory!
Wani worked in South Korea for 5 years before moving to Australia where she won many industry awards including IHS, HBIA and American Crew. She loves creating hair styles that suit her guests individual needs and her science background helps her to understand how the ingredients in the Aveda hair care work to benefit . Wani is great listener and takes her time to ensure she delivers her absolute best every time.

dejan black and white.png


Pronounced Deanne our lovely man is also well regarded by the team as the “blow dry king” of mien. From humble beginnings at hairdressing school in Serbia, Dejan gained a lot of experience within various salons all over Europe. Over a 20 plus year career he was trained in Make-up and Styling from people he describes as the most passionate artists. He has entered loads of competitions winning 10 awards and counting. In fact, he came to Mien only a month after directing the hair and make-up for Serbia's fashion week. He is amazing to watch in action so it’s no surprise to hear of the accolades. Dejan comes direct to Mien in 2018 from Serbia where he had his own salon for over 10 years. He says he was destined for more and in pursuit of a better life he moved to Australia with his partner.

A man of many talents Dejan exudes a very humble, kind and elegant persona. It’s obvious that he is in love with his craft. Dejan loves Up do’s and Make-Up, because he feels this is the most creative part of his job; he loves seeing the transformation from start to end (he’s amazing). In his own time Dejan maintains a YouTube channel where he creates tutorials on Make-Up. A fabulous artist he is well regarded as someone who can bring out the beauty in anyone. He has a keen eye and well worth a visit for a haircut. So why not reinvent your look with a haircut in his chair sometime and find out a little more about this intriguing artist?


Liana Phillips

Brisbane born and raised, Liana recently moved to Melbourne for a faster paced lifestyle. Originally commencing a degree in Classical music, shortly to realise she wanted to follow in her mum’s path and began her career in Hairdressing. She feels blessed to have been mentored by her mum thoughout her apprenticeship. Experienced in both cutting and colouring, what Liana loves most is the connection she has with her guests and what she says helping them to look and feel fab! Liana still enjoys music and loves listening to podcasts, watching movies, drawing and photography.