Occupying the 3rd level of the mien salon and day spa clinic, the mien practice is a multi discipline east meets west style wellness clinic.


the focus

The mien Practice offers a variety of holistic modalities, which will help transform your health and wellbeing from the inside out. We have the following services to cater to your needs.


the services

- Chinese medicine

- Naturopathy & nutritioN

- Acupuncture

- Midwifery

- Counselling

- Energy & spiritual healing

- Tarot & astrology readings

- Reiki

- Wellbeing and style strategies


Rose Janc - Natropath and Herbalist w: www.rosemaryjancnaturopath.com.au

Angelica Hristakos - Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture w: www.therapiesfortransformation.com

Donna Cameron - Personal Style Specialist w: www.donna-cameron.com.au

Helen Manoli - Holistic Counsellor w: www.lenyalifesage.wixsite.com/website

Doula Manoli - Soul Healer w: www.doulasoulhealer.com

Antonella Zanini - Counsellor & Clinical Therapist w: https://azclinicaltherapy.wixsite.com/antonella-zanin