Why Mien Hot Stones Massage is so good for you in winter?

Massage is not just a luxury.

It's a way to a happier, healthier winter! Best of all if you’ve arrived on this page due to that teaser we sent out in our May email you’ve come to the right place. We’re giving away one hot stone massage to the first person to call mien on 94829199. It’s first in best dressed (or un-dressed onto that massage table). Give us a call you never know your luck. And please read on for more reasons on why a hot stone massage should be a part of your health routine.


Poor circulation can lead to fatigue. This tenses up your muscles and causes build-up of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles. Increased circulation will deliver more oxygen to the muscles.


Many people feel immediate relief once the massage is over. Making this a drug-free pain relief method that’s actually good for your body.


A hot stone massage is extremely relaxing. You’ll feel the stress melt away. Every second will seem like it’s erasing a minute’s worth of stress. And yes there’s a typo here on that image to the left - I know - but I just didn’t have the heart to update it as it was written some years ago by our own South American Marketing guru Lina! More relax; don’t we all need a little of that :-)

Massages are something people have enjoyed for thousands of years.  They’re a great way to improve your health and to simply feel better.  It’ll also improve your mental health as well.

All natural is the way to go. 

That’s why you need to BOOK yours today!


Xx Mien & Mini Me xX

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