Summer Wellness with Herbs


Herbs for Summer

By Rosemary Janc BHScNat

We have a luscious array of healing herbs to aid you through the Summer months, here are 3 favourites:

Lemon Balm (Melissa Off.)

An especially easy to grow herb with many uses, it is part of the mint family yet it has a light lemon flavour too. This invaluable herb really helps ease digestive issues associated with Anxiety. It has an affinity heat-gut-mind connection, constituents found in this plant uplifts the mood too. This is also considered a ‘cooling’ herb, ideal for easing summer heat. Enjoy as a herbal tea preparation or added to your salads. 

Rose species (any of the Rose Variety, Rosaceae family including Raspberry, Hawthorn, Prunus Genus)

Rose has a special place in my dispensary (and Heart!) This gloriously scented flower has many benefit. It is a superior ‘Cooling’ plant, great for irritation and some inflammatory skin conditions. It is a prized ingredient in Skincare for good reason and it smells divine too. ideal for the summer heat you can have Rosewater ready to go in your fridge to mist your skin. Rose in many forms is also used as a food ingredient and the petals and rosehips make a delicious Tea.

Rhodiola Rosea

Precious Rhodiola also know as Golden Root/Rose root (as it smells like Roses!) is an Adaptogen Herb that supports your adrenal glands. It aids you in adapting and modulating your stress response. This herb is a ‘Cooling’ and astringent adaptogen, ideal for summer. Rhodiola helps you relax yet keeping your mind alert 

We have qualified Herbalists up on the top floor at mien Natural Solutions:

Rosemary Janc (ANTA)

Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

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Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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