People of Mien

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With a centre part and two big fat plaits, Maria walked into Mien and expressed

her interest in becoming a hairdresser. Fifteen at the time and only a few years

adopted into the Australian way of life she loved watching her mum have her

hair done. She says she knew she wanted to be a stylist!

Maria says as Clifton Hill locals, Maria and her family were attracted to the

beautiful Mien building. Since then, it's safe to say that Maria has become a part

of our family.

Maria was one of the hardest working apprentices Mien has ever known.

And now one of the most popular stylists.

She's funny too - I'll never forget the time she showed one of our guests to the

ladies; opened the door and said "just take a seat"!

Weather it's that infectious laugh, cheeky Spanish accent and of course the

quality hairdressing; Maria has quite simply helped build the reputation of Mien.

She prides herself in producing beautiful hair and personalised exceptional

service. Maria and her husband Anthony have recently welcomed a beautiful

baby girl Isabella to their family. Many of us who have gotten to know Maria over

the years know that she has waited a long time to meet Anthony and become a

mum. What does she say when we ask her what it's like?

She says "it's the most beautiful thing you could ever do. I could not imagine my

life without Isabella. When she smiles at me, it makes me realise it was all worth

the pain". Maria is now making a special limited appearance one or two days a

week. Drop in and say Hi - i'm sure she'd love to see you xx

Part interview and part my own special memories - words Claudia Romeo :-)

Mien Salon Spa