Henna Brows at mien!!

Henna Brows @ mien! 

$45 Henna tint 30mins / $55 Shape and Henna 40mins

What are Henna brows??

They are new exciting natural, vegan way to colour your brows! No more 'filling in' with powders!

Who is Henna best for? (i.e. what type of brows?)

Low maintenance on the go types who want to get out the door without “filling in” their brows with a makeup product. Sensitive or dry skin types are suited to henna or anyone who wants a thicker looking brow without the commitment of eyebrow tattooing.

Who should avoid Henna?

Oily skin types don’t get much benefit as the henna breaks down and lifts from the skin quite quickly. They can appear quite dark for a few days, so it's not recommended as a red carpet treatment.

What does a Henna Brow treatment actually entail?

Your mien therapist will consult on colour and shape, then apply a barrier cream to the area of the skin where you don’t want the henna to dye. You can actually create the illusion of the shape you’re after by staining the skin into this shape. The henna is applied and takes 15-20 mins to set into the skin. It is then wiped away and you are good to go! The Henna is re-applied 3 times to get the ultimate results!

Does it come in different shades? 

Yes, 8 shades from blonde right through to black, as well as modifiers such as amber and pure ash. Colours can be mixed to suit the client tones

How long does it last?

Between 3 – 5 weeks depending on oiliness or sweating.

Are there any tips for maintaining your Henna between visits? 

Don’t cleanse the brows with coarse products such as intense toners or active ingredients and don’t moisturise them!

Shaughnessy Brown By Hannah Khymych!

Shaughnessy Brown By Hannah Khymych!

Switch to Henna Brows and be Brow-fabulous all summer long xx

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