Lash Lift

This treatment gives your lashes an instant “Root Lift” and is an advancement on the “Lash Perm”. With a Lash Lift you no longer need eyelash curlers or mascara. A complementary lash tint is part of the service. You literally wake up every day bright eyed with long luscious lashes!


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Lash Extensions

Our lashes at mien salon spa hold well, look elegant and best of all will look natural. Add some glamour to your look, give the eyes an instant lift, and roll out of bed looking great! These semi permanent eye lashes are placed individually onto your natural eye lashes to create fuller, longer, more glamours looking lashes and eyes that look younger, larger and more refreshed



Give your face a lift and your lashes and brows a healthy and sparkling look, using natural plant soap derived dyes in various shade