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Doula's experience includes:

Certified Kinesiologist

Reiki Master

Mindfulness Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Life Purpose Coach


Meditation Teacher

Doula has been healing Soul issues and and teaching people to connect with their pure soul essence for 15 years. Doula's soul mission is to assist you with the re-birthing process from healing the wounded child, to revealing and letting go of negative behaviour patterns and reconnecting with your Souls essence, the truest aspect of you.

She is an expert at connecting with your energy field using intuition and Kinesiology techniques developed over many years. Each session identifies negative patterns of behaviour and heals the blocks to your abundant healing and wellness. A typical session addresses re-occuring symptoms of stress, anxiety, or a physical issue. In just one session, we will get to the root of the issue, organise what is disorganised, and release the triggers and patterns. You will leave each session knowing why your body or being is doing what it is doing and have the awareness of the triggers to avoid them in the future.  

Doula has assisted many people worldwide, through the difficult and sometimes painful process of letting go of grief, trauma and negative behaviours that block an abundant and fulfilling life. 

Doula has published articles appearing in Insight Magazine and appeared on Radio discussing her ideals on Healing the Planet, one person at a time. 

She can do the same for you! Are you ready? 


Are you still making excuses for not living your best life?